Year 1 / 2

Welcome to Year 1/2: Mrs Pallister’s Class

Dear Parents

This is your child’s new reading record book. We would ask that you sign the reading record booklet every time you hear your child read. The ‘comments’ section is a perfect place to celebrate their hard work and record any ‘tricky words’ that they struggled to read. Sometimes you may receive flash cards instead of books. Please note a signature is required before we send out a new book otherwise we will assume that it hasn’t been read.

In year one we would encourage you to read with your child for around 10 minutes each night, even a couple of pages each day will be useful in building your child’s confidence and fluency.

We have included a laminated ‘speed sound’ sheet to complete at start of every home reading session. Please encourage your child to say the sound, not the letter name. This should only take a minute, the children find this enjoyable and you will be able to see if there are any particular letters that they struggle to recognise and may need extra help with.

We also suggest that books are re-read so that your child tackles any unfamiliar words with increased confidence the second time around. Please remind your child to use their pure sounds and encourage them to ‘Fred talk’ words eg. s-t-o-p ‘stop’.

Please ask your child questions about what they have read as reading for understanding is also important. Eg ‘What did Ben have to buy from the shop?’, or, ‘What do you think will happen next?’

Please note that we change home school reading books on Tuesdays and Thursdays, therefore if your child has finished a particular book you many still want to keep it to re-read until these specific book change days.

Many thanks for your support

Mrs Pallister  (Class teacher)